"So how is it that all ages of women want to be like her, but that does not include, for any of them, what is normally the easiest way into the fantasy: dressing like her? How is it she drives audiences into stadiums but not clients into stores? It looks like a paradox."

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I had a blast at the Bar III Launch party

I had a blast at the Bar III Launch party

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Revisiting BeyoncĂ©: Could ‘Jealous’ Be Its Most Important Song? - Atlantic Mobile

Be Brave….

Be Brave….

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Just laugh it out…

Just laugh it out…

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Just when you need to feel… well the playlist name is enough. enjoy

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JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE Official Trailer

I wanna see this movie so bad!!! Andre Benjamin is so good as Jimi!

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15 Foods For A Vegetarian Diet Infographic